How to Declutter Your Home

According to experts, environmental clutter is detrimental to your emotional well-being. An average adult faces several emotional battles which one needs to overcome for some peace of mind. Your home should not be an addition to those problems, but the one place that creates a diversion, amongst other things. It all starts with removing items that of no significant use in your everyday life. Below are some removable valuables that could make a tremendous difference.

The Living Room


  • Cushions

Sofas are designed to give you comfort, one cushion per seat for that extra comfort will suffice. You absolutely do not need mountainous colorful cushions. If you have children, they are just one more thing for your children to play with and scatter all over your living-room floor. You can pack them neatly in a box and store them away in a storage_facility near you.

  • Sofas

Have you noticed that, more often than not, there is someone lying on your sofa? Chances are you have too many available seats.  One 4 to 5 sitter and a single sitter are enough for your living room especially if it’s not roomy. Put the other sitters in storage.

  • Compact Discs

In 2018, there are a few people who still buy and ply music from CDs and DVDs. Pack them along with the CD rack stationed by the corner of your living room and store them away.

  • Flowers

Feeling like you have just walked into a garden? You have too many flowers. Try using only one vase. The others might be antique pieces you have collected along the way, therefore you do no need to get rid of them if you do not want to. Consider keeping them in storage.

  • Souvenirs

It is quite understandable that it could prove to be a struggle fighting the urge to collect souvenirs to remind you of all the countries you have visited. However, displaying all of them may leave the room looking like a museum. Pack them up in a box and put them in storage.

  • Entertainment system

TV units were quite in style a few years ago. Nowadays mounting your television and sound system is the ‘in’ thing. You can store away your TV unit/stand.

  • Portraits

One portrait of you and your family on the wall is enough. It’s unnecessary to fill your entire living room with images. Portraits just take up space and take away from the exquisite painting job on your wall, making it look untidy.

  • Ornaments

Your grandmother’s ornaments are very close to your heart but lest we not ignore the fact that they are taking up space. You can store them safely so you can pass them on to your grandchildren when the time comes.


The Closet

  • It’s very simple. If you haven’t worn it in the past three months, it’s taking up space. In summer, all winter clothing items should be stored away, including all summer clothes which were not worn last summer. The best part is, you have access to your storage unit whenever you need. If you miss it, you know where to find it!


The bathroom

minimalist bathroom

  • You purchased skin-care products; body lotions, soaps, etc but were less than impressed with the results so you decided to switch brands? Get rid of what you are not using by donating to charity. In the meantime, keep them in storage until you can find someone in need.
  • All your skin-care products should be placed in the cabinet. Mounted cabinets take up less space, eliminate dust participles and other objects that might creep under. The bathroom has a lot of moisture. In the long run, the hidden objects will start molding, leaving an unsettling odor.


The bedroom

  • Items you need in your bedroom: bed, headboard, chest of drawers, mirror, sideboard for your bed, linen, 2 to 4x pillows.  Anything else is taking up space.
  • If you can help it, avoid keeping a chair in your bedroom as that often leads to mounting it with clothes every time you change outfits, making your room look untidy no matter how clean it is. This does not apply to you if you do not have a mounting habit.


The Kitchen


  • The first thing you need to do is to open your cupboard drawers. Some single-use items have not been used for months. There is a very high chance that you have too many peelers due to buying a new one every time a better looking one is released, leaving the older ones collecting dust in the drawers. If you are completely honest with yourself, you will find many items you purchased due to a promising future of making life convenient for you i.e. a pizza cutter. Honestly, whenever did you last make your own pizza? It’s high time you said ‘see you later’ to them.  
  • Open up the cupboard. Too many lunch-boxes and you do not even take home-made lunch to work? Remove those you have hardly nor ever used.
  • Remember those chipped glasses and cups you always skip when you need to use one? Why are they still in your cupboard? Extract them and the chipped/cracked plates from your cupboard.
  • Toss away the empty bottles of seasoning on your spice rack.
  • Recycle all the shopping bags you have collected over the months and invest in green-bags.

Lastly but not least…TOYS

  • If you have children, combine your efforts and make them select the toys they hardly use. Involve them in the decision making on whether to toss, giveaway or store. This will eliminate any element of surprise such as your child suddenly throwing a tantrum as they cannot locate their favorite toys. The remaining toys should be packed away neatly in a room. It also helps to teach children from a very early age to pack away their toys after using them.

In summary, if it has been out of use for more than three months pack it away and keep it in storage if you feel you might need it in future. An uncluttered home has a fresher smell and will do wonders for your state of mind. For your storage convenience, find the nearest storage_facility to keep all your valuables safe and well-maintained.

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