Moving Home Checklist

Moving home is an exciting chapter in your life and certainly, with that excitement follows the turmoil of having to move your household items. With so much to do, where does one even begin? Planning ahead is crucial. Let us walk through the steps guaranteed to make your life a whole lot painless.


  • Once your moving date has been decided upon, the first step is to establish your moving budget and book a removal_van from a trusted company, guaranteed to move your valuables guardedly. Make sure the company you book bestows removal insurance, that way you can rest assured that your goods are covered as a precaution.

Home and Contents Insurance

  • Get a content and household insurance for your new home.
  • Remember to notify your post office, utility supplier, gas, broadband, and water supplier of the change of address. Your bank, financial providers, Electoral Commission etc. will also need to be informed of this change of address so that your mail can be forwarded accordingly.


  • Take measurement of the rooms to ensure that your furniture will fit through the doors and there is enough room to fit all the furniture you intend to take with you.
  • Create a record of all the items that will be moved, noting the state of each item and quantity.


  • Proper packaging is vital. You might want to sort out all your items according to the material and size.
  • Be sure to make note of all your precious belongings requiring special care.
  • Dispose of any items you no longer have use for. Can’t decide? Find a storage_facility near you and store away your possessions until such a time you are ready to make the tough call.
  • Before moving any machinery like a refrigerator, stove, TV, dishwasher etc, check removal instructions. Should you fail to do so, you might find yourself in a position where your items are malfunctioning and you have no idea what went wrong.

The Kitchen

It often comes as a shock when you are packing up your kitchen and realize what a lot you have in there.

  • Use all opened foodstuffs and toss away any products past their sell-by date and use all frozen foods as the refrigerator will require defrosting before the moving date. Any form of liquid might damage the rest of your goods.
  • Throw away all flammable products and make sure that all gas cylinders are empty as they are of hazardous nature.
  • Remember to return rented and borrowed items to companies or your neighbors.
  • Do not pack any legal documentation and jewelry in cartons or boxes. Carry them with you.
  • Arrange packing material to make sure all your boxes and/or cartons are labeled accordingly.

Storage Facility

  • Research storage_facility near your new address. Perhaps you have more furniture than your new home can accommodate. Such information will prove to be useful should you find yourself in need of storage.

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